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Homes England invites your feedback on new proposals to create a high-quality residential-led development at Didcot Gateway, located immediately to the south of Didcot Parkway train station.

Didcot Gateway has been identified by South Oxfordshire District Council as a potential development site and so Homes England is now working to create a new gateway into the town. This will include new homes and opportunities for new office, café and retail space as well as new open space and improved connectivity from Didcot Parkway station to Didcot town centre.

While we cannot meet in person due to Covid-19 to show you the proposals, we’d like your feedback and so are going online to show you the plans. Leaflets showing the proposals have also been sent to the local community.

You can give your feedback by 29th July 2020 by:

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  • Emailing us at: planning@bartonwillmore.co.uk
  • Posting your comments to: Barton Willmore, The Blade, Abbey Square, Reading, RG1 3BE

If you’d like more information about the proposals, please let us know. Please use the methods above to contact us as comments made on social media will not be monitored.

Your feedback will inform the preparation of a planning application which is due to be submitted this summer.


Land to the south of Didcot Parkway train station is identified in the Didcot Garden Town Delivery Plan as a site where there is an opportunity for redevelopment. It is identified in the emerging South Oxfordshire Local Plan as a site with an indicative capacity for 300 new homes.

In 2015, proposals for the redevelopment of the site were submitted to South Oxfordshire District Council (planning application reference P15/S2159/O). Planning permission was not formally granted and the application was withdrawn in June 2020.

Homes England are now working on more up-to-date and deliverable proposals for the site.

We’d like your feedback on new development proposals for part of the Didcot Gateway South Opportunity Area, as shown on the location plan below.

Didcot Gateway SIte Plan
Site Location Plan

The new proposals have been developed as part of an updated plan for the Didcot Gateway area and are informed by the Didcot Garden Town Delivery Plan, which sets out the vision for the future of the town. The proposals will deliver the first phases of regeneration in the Opportunity Area and support improvements elsewhere within the Opportunity Area.

The site currently includes land within the ownerships of Homes England and South Oxfordshire District Council. These draft proposals extend across both land ownerships and may be progressed either through a joint planning application or separate applications.

Currently, the site consists of two pay and display car parks (one of which is the site of the former Julian’s Garage), the former Labour Club and neighbouring buildings, the former Jet Garage and prefab commercial units on the northern side of Station Road. Lydalls Nursery School, the SOHA building and the Prince of Wales are not part of this proposal and will remain in their current locations. 

Didcot Site Photo
Site Photo
Site Photo
Site Photo

The Proposal

The proposals comprise the redevelopment of land immediately to the south of Didcot Parkway train station to provide up to 265 new homes and opportunities for new office, café and retail space.

The development will create a high-quality new gateway into Didcot, providing a mix of one to three-bedroom homes, including market and affordable homes, and new areas of open space as well as potential office, café and retail uses.

Development will provide much needed housing in one of the least affordable areas of the country for home ownership, as well as bringing about the transformation of an underutilised site to create a more vibrant gateway into Didcot. The development will also help to create a clearer link to the town centre and improved walking and cycling routes. The site’s delivery will mark a key milestone in the implementation of the Didcot Garden Town Masterplan.

The proposals allow for land parcels in different ownership to be developed independently whilst set within a comprehensive masterplan and infrastructure delivery framework.

Didcot Gateway Illustrative Masterplan
Illustrative Masterplan
Illustrative view of development looking south-east
Illustrative view of development looking south-east


The proposals have been sensitively designed to take into account site constraints and opportunities.

New buildings are proposed on the vacant land between Station Road, Lydalls Road and Haydon Road which will provide new apartments as well as office, café and retail space. Buildings to the east and west of the site will provide apartments. Buildings immediately opposite the train station will provide a mix of apartments, office, café and retail space. To the south of Lydalls Road and the open space to the south of Station Road, new townhouses and apartments are proposed.

Buildings are proposed to be predominantly 3-5 storeys in height with a landmark building of up to 7 storeys proposed at the junction of Station Road and Haydon Road. This landmark building will form a key part of the new attractive gateway into Didcot.

To create a positive relationship with existing buildings and avoid overlooking, the development will be set back from neighbouring residential buildings to the south and west of the site. Adjacent to the western and southern site boundaries, buildings will be predominantly 3 storeys to tie in with the local context. Any additional storeys will be set back from the site boundaries.

New homes will have one to three bedrooms and have private outdoor space. A mix of market and affordable housing will be provided.

Illustrative view from Station Road looking west
Illustrative view from Station Road looking west

Access & Movement

The site benefits from being located in one of the most accessible locations in Didcot, opposite Didcot Parkway train station. 

Didcot Parkway provides access to high frequency train services to key employment destinations such as London, Reading, Oxford, Swindon and Bristol, as well as a number of local bus services providing connections throughout Didcot and the surrounding area.

The site is also located within a short walk of Didcot Town Centre, providing access to a wide range of local shops, services and amenities, including those located within the Orchard Centre. Future residents will be able to access the town centre and surrounding area on foot, by bike or by using public transport, without the need for a car.

Vehicular access to the development will be from Station Road and Lydalls Road, with additional connections for pedestrians and cyclists also being provided onto Haydon Road.


Given the site’s location, limited car parking is proposed as part of the development. 

Disabled parking spaces, and parking for deliveries and car club vehicles will be provided within sensitively designed parking courtyards adjacent to proposed buildings. These courtyards will be designed to be attractive, safe spaces for all users.

In addition, limited pay and display parking is proposed to the north of Station Road, east of the train station.

Parking for commuters is already provided in Foxhall Car Park to the north of the train station. This, and the limited pay and display parking proposed, will mitigate the loss of existing pay and display car parking south of Station Road.

The proposals will deliver a sustainable, low car dependency development which is likely to improve traffic conditions on Station Road by reducing the amount of traffic on the road. It will also seek to facilitate improvements to public transport infrastructure through the potential implementation of a new westbound bus layby on Station Road, adjacent to the proposed public square fronting onto Station Road.

Open Space & Landscaping

The development will create new and improved public space including a public square diagonally opposite the train station. Potential café and retail uses are proposed adjacent to this square, which will include space for outdoor seating, tree planting as well as bicycle parking and pedestrian movement.

In addition to the public square, new communal gardens are proposed adjacent to apartment buildings. This space will include seating, lighting and raised planters to provide opportunities for food growing for residents.

Private outdoor space is proposed for all new homes with a mix of garden terraces, balconies and roof terraces proposed.

New planting at street level is proposed within and at the edges of the site. Key buildings within the site will include ‘living walls’ (walls with plants) and green roofs are also proposed.

Didcot Gateway Illustrative Masterplan
Illustrative Masterplan


Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. The engagement period for our proposed scheme finished on Wednesday 29th July at midnight.


You can contact us by emailing planning@bartonwillmore.co.uk. Representatives from the project team will respond to specific questions and general feedback is welcomed. We are also happy to provide updates on the progress of Didcot Gateway.

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